The Benefits Of Buying Rural Real Estate

Rural real estate may be a small farm community with plots ready for building, or it may be really rural real estate where your next nearest neighbor is a mile or more down the road. If you are interested in the latter, there are certainly some benefits to purchasing such real estate. At the very least, these lots of land and houses are worth viewing in person.

It Is So Quiet and Peaceful

People choose to purchase land and houses far out into the country for the peace and quiet. There are no trains, sirens, cars, or other city sounds creating a noise cacophony that overwhelms the senses and the nervous system. Most days you only hear the sounds of nature, which are as soothing as those found on a white noise sound machine.

You Can Grow Whatever You Like

With as much land as typically comes with rural properties, you can grow whatever you like. Flowers, shrubs, trees, vegetable gardens, grapes and grapevines, fruit trees, or all of the above; there is room for it. Plus, you will learn so much about gardening, harvesting, and planting--things you would never learn in the city or be able to teach to your children.

You Can Sunbathe in the Buff

When you live miles from your nearest neighbor, you can lay outside behind your home to sunbathe. Rural living of this sort lends itself well to no tan lines, as you can sunbathe in the buff and not get caught, spotted, watched, or arrested. You could also sunbathe in any sort of swimsuit you want to wear without someone body-shaming you and feeling really good about how you look.

You Can Have a Hobby Farm

If you are the type of person that adores animals, the city really limits the number of pets you can have. On your own piece of rural real estate and country living heaven, you can have an entire hobby farm or petting zoo, if you so choose. Most of the properties of this sort are previously zoned for farming and residential, allowing you to have whatever and however many animals you want on your property. 

You Can Hunt on Your Own Property

If wild turkeys, pheasants, grouse, partridges, and ducks wander onto your property, you can shoot them for food. If you also have some woods on your land and deer, rabbits, etc. wander through, you can hunt them whenever you like. Everything is fair hunting game on your own land, and you do not have to wait for the right hunting season to shoot it.