Have You And Your Spouse Decided To Move Into A Smaller Home?

Have you and your spouse both retired? If so, maybe you are ready to sell your large home. Perhaps you have decided that you would use the money from the sale of your larger home for traveling. Have you decided where you want to live? If you have, you don't need to continue reading. However, you might be looking for ideas regarding single-family homes for sale. If so, read on for some ideas that might help you as you make your decision.

Consider an HOA

One of the questions you might ask yourself is whether or not you want to be in a community that has an active Homeowner's Association. Maybe you have played a large part in past neighborhood activities and you want to continue to do that. 

Consider the Home

Besides finding out about an HOA, there are other considerations to ponder before you meet with a real estate agent. 

  • Do you want a garden home with at least a small yard for you to tend?
  • Maybe you enjoy entertaining and you want a home with a very open living area.
  • If you enjoy cooking and baking, perhaps you would be happiest with a state-of-the-art kitchen.
  • How many bedrooms do you want? Will you be having guests or grandkids spending the night every now and then?
  • Do you want your house to be a single level one, or do you want two separate floors?
  • If you want a second story, do you want your master bedroom and bathroom on the bottom floor?
  • Do you want a community center with a swimming pool?

Consider the Location

The location of your house is also an important part of your decision. For instance, do you want to be close to a bus line? Maybe you want to be somewhat close to your old neighborhood so that you can stay in close touch with old friends. Or, you might want to be in close proximity of the downtown area of your city where you can go to places like art galleries, theaters, and other local attractions that are in the heart of the city.

Once you have pinpointed the requirements for your new home, meet with a realtor that focuses on single-family home listings. He or she will have an understanding of the neighborhoods you would probably enjoy living in. In addition, your realtor will be happy to take you to different neighborhoods to see which one feels like a good fitter you and your spouse. For more information, contact companies like TEAM ZOTTI: RE/MAX All-Pro.