4 Things To Know About Disabled Accessibility Apartments

If you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to get around, you might want to start looking for an apartment that offers disability accessibility. You can find apartments like this in many areas, and they can be ideal for people with mobility issues. As you begin looking for one, here are four things you should know.

The Purpose of Disabled Accessibility Apartments

Disabled accessibility apartments serve a vital role in communities. They are built and designed in a way that makes it easier for disabled individuals to get around. Most apartments do not offer the features that people need when they have mobility issues, but disabled accessible apartments do.

The Potential Features in Disabled Accessible Apartments

For an apartment to be labeled as a disabled-accessible apartment, it must have specific features. First, it must provide easy access for going up floors. Having working elevators is a must-have for these apartments when a building has more than one floor. Another must-have is doorways that are large enough for wheelchairs to fit through them. Therefore, you should find this feature in all disabled accessible apartments.

Another feature you will find is grab bars. Grab bars help people move around and get up and down, and you will likely find these in the bathrooms in all units. You might also see a difference in the location of the light switches in these units. They might be positioned lower on the walls to allow people in wheelchairs to reach them. These are just some of the features you will find in these types of units.

How to Qualify for One

The unique thing about these apartments is that you cannot rent one without qualifying. You must meet the eligibility requirements for them before a landlord will approve your application. Part of the qualification process involves proving that you have a disability. You can usually prove this through your disability insurance or a doctor's note. Without the right proof, you will not be able to rent an apartment that is designed for disability access.

How to Find Disabled Accessible Apartments

Finding these units is not difficult, as many cities have them. You can call around to different apartment complexes in your city to locate them. You can also contact property management firms. Additionally, you contact an apartment manager of your choice to learn more about disability access apartment options in your area.