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Advice from a Real Estate Agent

Two Warning Signs The Home You’Re Touring May Have Issues

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An open house is an excellent way to see a home up close to determine if it fits your needs and preferences. While measuring the rooms and judging the age of the appliances, it’s important to also keep your eye out for subtle signs the home may have serious issues that will require a lot of money to repair. Here are two red flags you should investigate further. Signs of Neglect Homes are great, but they require a lot of work to maintain, and not every homeowner is up to the task. Unfortunately, a poorly maintained home can mean expensive repairs for any new owner that decides to buy it. While you should automatically pass up a home that needs some TLC right out of the gate, it’s important that you know what you’re getting into before you make a purchase so you’re fully prepared. Although the homeowner may have made some cosmetic improvements, a home that hasn’t been maintained well will often leave telltale signs, such as: Uneven floor tiles, which may indicate a rush repair job Leaky faucets Non-working lights or electrical outlets Little to no caulking around windows and doors Faded paint Cracks and stains on walls, floors, and stairs Dirty chimney Dirty air filters These may seem like minor things, but it may mean the homeowner hasn’t taken good care of the home when added up together. And if the homeowner hasn’t kept the small things in good repair, it’s safe to assume the larger things (e.g., water heaters) are probably not faring well either. Be sure to have the home thoroughly inspected by a professional, and ask for concessions on any major issues that are uncovered. Aggressive Scent Management Another red flag that things may not be what they seem in a home is aggressive scent management. It’s a well-known fact that lovely scents like cookies and vanilla can make a home seem more attractive to homebuyers, so it’s not unusual for sellers to use this trick. However, if the seller appears to be overly aggressive about the use of scents in the house (e.g., use of candles, scent plug-ins, and room sprays), it could be a sign that he or she is trying to cover up objectionable and/or worrying odors, such as mold or pet damage. Take a closer look at the walls, floors, and ceilings for things that may indicate issues. For instance, black and grey spots on ceilings may indicate a mold issue. Water damage on walls may mean there was a flood of some type which, in turn, may mean you’ll be dealing with water damage. Again, a good inspector can help you uncover these issues so you don’t end up paying more for the home than necessary. For more information about these issues or help selecting the best home for you, contact a realtor at a real estate agency like Jeff Glover & Associates...

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Look For These Signs Of Chronic Neglect When Selecting Your New Home

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If you are currently shopping for a new home for your family, then it is important that you choose a home that has been well cared for by its previous owner. When a home has not been properly maintained, it can have many very expensive problems that lurk just below the surface where you can’t see them. For this reason, you need to look closely for signs of chronic neglect when you are shopping, including each of the following: No Rain Gutter System or a Damaged One When you are visiting homes, make sure that you take a minute to check its rain gutter system. If the rain gutters are missing or damaged, then stormwater coming off of the roof will damage the landscaping, foundation, and can intrude into the basement space. A missing or damaged rain gutter system is a sign that a home has not been well cared for. Landscaping that is Overgrown or Full of Weeds Since homeowners try to put their best foot forward when selling their home, one that has landscaping that is overgrown or full of weeds is a sign of a neglected property. Most homeowners take pride in their property and will at least clean up the outside before listing it for sale. If the yard is a mess when you pull up out front, then chances are that other aspects of the house have also been neglected.  Cracking in Exterior Stucco or Bricks When you are touring a potential home for purchase and see cracks in the exterior stucco or damage to brickwork, then this is another sure sign that a home has not been well maintained by its owner. Cracking is typically due to movement of the home’s foundation and if this type of issue isn’t promptly repaired then it can lead to repairs that will cost many thousands of dollars to fix.  Holes in Interior Walls and Doors As with exterior damage, holes in interior walls and doors also shows signs of serious neglect in a house. Repairing holes in sheetrock and doors are simple to patch using tape and joint compound. When this type of damage is widespread in a home then it is a sign that other, more expensive damage may well lurk below the surface.  Missing Window Screens or Broken Windows Finally, a home that has missing window screens or broken windows is also a home that has likely been abused by its current owners. Typically, homeowners who care about their homes and maintain them properly will replace windows that break and screens that become damaged.  For more information on purchasing new homes, contact a company like Fischer...

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The Benefits Of Buying A Home With Plenty Of Land

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If you are looking for real estate then you may want to consider purchasing a house that sits on a larger-than-normal sized lot. You can learn about some of the many benefits that a house on a large piece of land has to offer you. You can do a lot with your landscaping. When you have a large piece of land you have more freedom with regards to landscaping your yard. You can even add a large pond, an array of trees, a lot of different flowers you would like to see in your yard, a play area for your kids, a special barbecue and hang out area and much more. You can use the extra land for a garden. If you have always wanted to get into gardening, then you can really have a great garden when you have a nice piece of land. You’ll find that having a very large garden gives you a lot of choices with regards to the different types of fruits and vegetables you can grow. Along with a garden, all of that extra land will also offer you the ability to have fruit trees planted that will bear the fruit of your choosing. You can have a built-in pool installed. If you would like to have a swimming pool put in your yard then having a very large yard not only makes sure that you have enough room for a pool but it allows you to have choices with regards to where in your yard that pool goes. Even if you don’t want a built-in pool, you’ll find you can put in a large above ground pool with more freedom with regards to where it is located. You can have plenty of room for playing. If you have children then they are going to love having all of that room to run and play in your yard. If you have enough land then you may even be able to do things like building a dirt bike track or remote control car track.  You can have more types of animals. When you have a lot of land you can have more animals on that land. While you will have to make sure you abide by zoning laws, you’ll find it will be more likely that you can have animals like chickens, goats and possibly even larger animals like cows and horses. Your family could be involved in community organizations like...

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Five Tips For Using Social Media To Sell Your Home

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When it comes to selling your home, showing your home to many people is the goal and the best way to sell your home for the best price. The more in demand your home, then the more leverage you have when it comes to negotiating a higher price. One way you can bring more attention to your home is by using social media to attract buyers. Here are five tips for doing this: Hire a Professional Photographer: The first thing you want to do is get great pictures of your home. Hiring a professional photographer can do this for you. Not only will they capture your home in the best light, but they will also edit the pictures extensively so that they are bright, clean, and free from any kind of obstruction that can distract viewers from the potential of the home.  You Need a Page: When you post on social media, your home should be linked to a site that provides thorough details of your home. This is much better than just announcing that your home is for sale on social media sites. Without a link to a page, it’s more difficult for these posts to be shared and for people to take it seriously.  Keep the Post Short: When you post on social media about your home, you want to keep the posts short. This way, you are getting people to click on the link to all the details of your home. This attracts more serious buyers so that you are not wasting time with anyone who is not actually serious and willing to put in the time to potentially purchase the home.  Consider Video Tours: You can also hire a videographer to come to your home and create a home video tour. This is a great piece of content to post on social media to gain more attention to potential buyers. This way, they can understand the layout of the home, which is sure to attract more serious buyers, as well who will actually take the time to come to your home in person and potentially put in an offer.  Ask Friends to Share: Asking your friends and family to share the post on their own social media accounts is helpful to attract people outside of your own friend’s list. You can simply include in your own post that you would be happy if people were willing to share the post. This way, you aren’t actually sounding desperate.  When you consider these five tips, you can be sure that you use social media effectively to sell your...

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Appearance IS Everything: How To Select A Real Estate Agent Based On Appearance

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In some lines of work, appearance is everything. For a real estate agent, this is definitely true. If you, the customer, wants to hire a real estate agent, are you going to hire someone who looks like a slob, or someone who looks professional? The answer is pretty clear. There are other qualities and factors based on appearance that you want to consider when you hire a real estate agent too. Dressed Appropriately The agent should always be dressed appropriately. That usually means a business jacket (i.e., company red suit coat, tailored black suit coat, etc.), suit pants or skirt, and sensible work shoes. A real estate agent should not show up in six-inch spiked heels, jeans or ripped clothing (at least not without a valid reason). If he or she is more casually dressed, the meeting should be preempted with an explanation for the casual dress (e.g., it is “casual Friday” or the agent earned the right to dress comfortably for one day). The way the agent dresses speaks to the seriousness and level of professionalism in his/her work. Personal Grooming Personal grooming is another important factor. Would you want to hire a real estate agent that shows up unwashed, greasy or smelly? Probably not. Most real estate agents know that personal grooming can create awkward situations between them and their customers, which in turn destroys any possibility of the sale of a property. Body odor is a definite deal breaker, since it is offensive to just about everyone. It shows that the agent does not care enough about him/herself, so why should he/she care about you? Beards and mustaches should also be neatly trimmed and free of food, while hair should be brushed, clean and tidy. Briefcase or Carry-All If a real estate agent is ready to make a sale, he or she should also have all of the property’s information with him/her as well as the paperwork to sign. These should not be carelessly toted in a manila folder in the crook of one’s arm, since it could be dropped and scattered at any time. Instead, you should see a briefcase or a nice carry-all arm bag that looks professional and compliments what the agent is wearing. All of the necessary documents and paperwork should fit neatly into the briefcase or carry-all, and not be hanging loosely outside of it. Otherwise, his/her presentation of the property’s information appears discombobulated and leaves you, the customer, feeling like the agent is frequently disorganized and/or...

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Sell Your Condo With Great Success By Placing A Major Focus On Timing

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Owning a home gives you a great deal of control when you decide to sell. While a condo provides you with some of the same opportunities, you will also have several limitations that are out of your hands. It is important to decide whether you would rather list your condo for sale right away to sell it quickly or wait it out until the condo’s conditions are optimal and naturally attracts more people. If you are not in a rush to sell, you can exercise patience while also finding out what it is that you need to impress. Sell with a Green Landscape                                                          If you live in an area that is green for most of the year, but also has its off months, you should wait until the entire condo community is covered in green before you think about listing. The winter months with dormant trees and yellow grass can make almost any property look less appealing, so there is no reason you should try to show off your condo like it is in paradise when the looks do not reflect this statement. It is better to wait until spring or summer when the flowers bloom and the grass and leaves turn green. Pick the Sunniest Month To go deeper into the process of trying to sell your home at an ideal time, you may want to wait until the sunniest month of out the year that still boasts a green landscape to list your condo. Sunny days in cities such as Phoenix or Las Vegas should not be too difficult to pick out because they are sunny almost all year long. But as you get further down the list to places like Salt Lake City or Tampa, you have to be picky. Show Off the Pool One of the main attractions for condo complexes is the shared amenities. It is common for these communities to have a pool and hot tub, and in some cases, multiple pools. So you want to show off the pool around a time in which people are genuinely interested in going for a swim. This means you will want to prioritize selling the condo during months in which the weather is warm enough for swimming. You can tie in a tour of the pool when showing off your condo to make a convincing argument to the buyer. Getting the timing right by focusing on these details will help you sell your condo with success. For more information and help with selling a condo, contact real estate agents in your area with experience in condos rather than...

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Two Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Piece Of Land

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If you have some extra money on hand and are looking for something to invest in, there are a number of options at your disposal.  You could buy a house, car or even get some artwork to spruce up your house.  However, when it comes to sound investing, few things can trump buying land.  There are so many advantages to buying a plot of land that just should not be overlooked.  Use this information to learn more about why now is a great time for you to buy land. Land Is A Finite Resource One of the main reasons why you should buy land is because it is a finite resource.  This alone makes land extremely valuable and beneficial to the person who owns it. Understand that so many things can easily be replaced.  For example, you may decide to buy a house.  The property may be in good condition and have all of the amenities that you desire.  The only problem is that the house will inevitably start to deteriorate over time.  As much as you may put into maintaining it, the structure will eventually start to show signs of disrepair.  It’s at this point that it will need to either be completely renovated or replaced. That’s the beauty of purchasing land.  Depending on where you buy the land, the value of the plot will likely increase over time, simply due to the fact that land cannot be replaced.  You’ll have something in your possession that can withstand the rigors of time, and even be passed down to those you care about. Owning Land Gives You Built In Equity Another reason why you should buy a piece of land is because you’ll be building equity.  If you ever have a financial emergency and need to get your hands on some money as soon as possible, you can borrow against the equity in your land. Equity is all about what you owe, versus what your land is worth.  As an example, you might purchase land for $50,000 dollars and hold onto it for a number of years.  As you pay down the debt, the land starts to become more valuable and is now worth $100,000 dollars.  This allows you to borrow against the value of the land to get some much-needed funds. Buying land could turn out to be an incredibly wise decision.  Don’t wait; purchase a piece of land today so you can enjoy these benefits and much more. For more information or assistance, contact companies like Sweger...

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4 Pro Tips For Selling Your Home Faster & For More Money

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Getting a home sold is on millions of minds each year in the United States. In fact, during 2015, some 5.25 million existing homes were sold. But even with this level of sales occurring, individual homeowners can still find themselves consumed with worry about the entire process of finding a willing and able buyer for their home. If you are a homeowner preparing to sell and wondering what you can do to improve your odds for a fast sale and a great price, the following tips can help prepare you to succeed.  Pro Tip One: Get Professional Help No matter how awesome you think you would be at marketing your own home or how much money you could potentially save on the real estate commission, the fact is you need the services of a professional, full-time agent with a successful selling track record. Hiring an agent of this caliber means that you get to benefit from the years of experience and the networking and marketing tools that this agent brings to the table. Pro Tip Two: Price the Home Correctly from Day One When the time comes to set the listing price for their home, sellers often make the mistake of wanting to “try out” a higher price for the first few weeks of the listing. They mistakenly believe that doing so is harmless because the price can always be reduced. In reality, setting the price too high and then being forced to lower it leaves a record of price reductions in the multiple listing service (MLS) that can make buyers and other agents think something might be wrong with the home. To avoid this, take the advice of the real estate professional you have hired to list your home and price the home correctly from day one. Pro Tip Three: Do the Hard Work, All of It In the rush to get the home listed, sellers can sometimes put off doing some or all of the work needed to make it outshine its competition. Buyers who view a home that has not been thoroughly cleaned, organized, and prepped for the market will quickly move to on one of your competitor’s, so do the work of preparing your home completely before listing.  Pro Tip Four: Remove Potential Obstacles  Even homes that are clean, organized, and attractive can turn off buyer interest if there are obstacles in the way when buyers come to view the home. Wildly barking dogs, (even if crated), the cat that winds around human legs, crowded driveways that prevent the buyer from parking in it, or the presence of a homeowner in the home during the showing can all detract from the experience and cause the buyer to lose interest. So take the time to see what obstacles your home may present and remove them.  For more information on selling your home, consider contacting companies like Re/Max Alliance – The Diane Stow...

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Living Elsewhere While Trying To Sell Your Home? Put Effort Into Reliable Preparation

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Most people who are interested in selling their home soon will stay in it until it is sold. This can be a little tricky because it encourages the homeowner to stage the home for buyers and always keep it extremely clean. But, you may be in a unique situation in which you want to sell your home, but you know that you will not be living in the same house or in the area while it gets listed and until it gets bought. It is crucial to go through certain preparation steps to give your home the best chance of selling quickly. Hire a Hands-On Realtor The first thing that you will need is a realtor who can be hands-on with the entire experience. This is important as you must give them the responsibility of organizing visits and showing them the home. It is advantageous because they will not have to work around your schedule, which means it becomes possible for them to show off the home at any time. But, the real estate agent you hire will have a more active responsibility when compared to other homeowners that can be around to assist with getting the house ready. Get Routine Services It makes sense that your realtor will not be going around your home trying to clean up everything. So, you should invest in routine services such as house cleaning every week or so. This will prevent any built-up dust from making a poor impression on those who visit your home with hopes to make an offer. Another service, such as lawn care and tree trimming services, should come in handy in the beginning. The recurring costs will be made up by the positive exposure that you get from people looking at your well-kept home. Allow Professional Staging Since you are not going to be living in the home, you should have no problem with staging. In a typical situation, you may not want to stage because it can require you to remove certain furniture pieces. But, a staged home will look exceptional in the photos that are taken for the listing. It allows you to give the staging professional full control of the project so that they can do their best work on your property. Trying to sell your home when you are living far away may seem like a challenge, and while you will have to do things differently, you can still enjoy success by following these...

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What Are Your Options When The Appraisal Value Of Your Dream Home Is Lower Than The Selling Price?

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Many people get ecstatic when they finally find the home that they have envisioned. Sometimes that excitement can fizzle when things do not go as expected. One thing that can occur is discovering that the home you fell in love with appraised for less than the selling price. At first, it may seem like you need to keep shopping for a home. You may also be still interested in buying but want to know what actions you can take to protect your own interests. Re-Negotiate The seller may have made an honest mistake when they determined their selling price. It is common for some individuals to assume their home is worth more especially if they made a few upgrades prior to placing their homes on the market. There are also situations when sellers make an effort to recoup investments such as renovations by adding them to their selling price. Some technology-driven individuals even rely on online calculators to determine the value of their homes without realizing that there are numerous factors that will affect the accuracy of the estimated values they receive. For example, property values in the area may have dropped recently, which is something that a seller may be unaware of.  Raise More Money You likely know that you will have to pay a percentage of your mortgage upfront. The lender will cover the other portion. This means that if the seller refuses to lower their selling price and you still want the home, you will need to try to raise more capital to cover your down payment for the home. Perhaps this is not an option or you may feel like it will be difficult. You could continue to look for other appealing homes while keeping the “dream home” on your radar. If the appraisal was correct, other interested buyers will likely discover it, which means the seller may have a tough time selling the home. After a few months, they might be willing to re-negotiate.  Second Opinion You may think that an appraisal value is always correct. However, it is possible for an appraiser to make a mistake. This is why it is ideal to choose an appraiser who has worked within a few miles radius of where the home you are interested in is located. It is wise to get a second opinion especially if the homeowner has had a professional appraisal too and their appraisal value differs from the one you were given A real estate agent is a good resource for buyers and sellers to use. They can ensure that appraisal values are on-point prior to placing homes on the market. They can also help with negotiations and can be considered non-bias since their goal is to help both buyers and sellers reach...

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