5 Tips To Keep Your Keys Safe

How many keys do you have on your key ring? The average person carries several. We have to unlock our homes, cars, safes, garages, office doors and a number of other things throughout the day. Imagine how frustrated or frightened you'd be if your keys were lost or stolen. Unfortunately, it happens every day, and in some cases, it puts people's homes and cars at risk for theft. If you want to keep your house, car and belongings safe, here are five tips to help you secure your keys no matter where you are.

High Tech Locks & Knobs That Will Change Security Forever

You live in the age of technology. It seems like everything is electronic these days. People are even upgrading to high tech locks, doorknobs, and other security features. Here are some interesting high tech items that you can buy for your home to add some security or just make life a little easier. 'Occupied' Door Handle If you have a room that you don't like to be disturbed in, you can buy a special door handle telling others to keep out.

Winter Moving Tips: Keeping Sensitive Belongings Safe And Preventing Falls

Most people try to move during the spring and summer months so they can avoid poor weather conditions that can cause difficulties during the move. If you need to move during the winter or if you want to save money on moving expenses, then you may decide to move from one house to another during December, January, or February. If you do this, then it is wise to hire a local moving service to help you.

8 Great Ways That You Can Use Shredded Paper!

You're probably already aware that shredding documents that contain sensitive information is an excellent way to keep yourself safe from the criminal antics of identity thieves. However, you might not be aware of all of the ways that you can put shredded paper to good use. Here are eight things that you can do with shredded paper rather than simply taking it to a nearby recycling center: Use it for Compost

5 Strategies For Keeping Termites At Bay

Most homeowners who live in areas likely to be infested by termites already know the basics of protecting their homes against termite infestations such as not stacking their firewood next to the house or bringing it more than you can use in an average day indoors. However, there are other ways that termites can gain access to your home. For instance, your exterior landscaping can provide an environment that is highly conducive to the development of termite infestations.

4 Tips For An Easy Move With Your Feline Friends

Cats thrive on stability in routine and territory. Changing a cat's home turf often causes strife in the household for weeks after the move. You might even notice a change in your cats' demeanor as you load up the moving boxes with your belongings. Your cats may start to pace, meow loudly or even spray in a desperate attempt to mark their territory. Luckily, you can ease their distress during the moving process by utilizing the four following tips.

4 Ways To Help Keep Pests Outside

A critical part of preventing pest infestations is finding vulnerabilities in your home, where pests are likely to enter. There are ways you can prevent pests from gaining entry into your home and lower the chances of infestation. Have Your Roof Checked Small openings in your roof create access points for pests, and easily go unnoticed. In addition to small insects that can fit through small cracks in the roof, rodents and other small mammals will take advantage of holes in your roof, especially in the winter.

Plastic Bins As An Alternative To Traditional Toolboxes: Why It Makes Sense For Your Shop

The use of traditional steel toolboxes for tool and equipment storage is so ingrained in the auto repair and service industry, it can be difficult to imagine using anything else. However, with the availability of high-impact plastics, the use of plastic bins for tool storage will greatly enhance the efficiency and organizational structure of many automotive facilities. Here is why you should consider using these bins in your shop: Advantages of using plastic bins

The Advantages Of Using A Custom Home Builder To Construct Your House

When you have saved enough money to purchase a home that fits all of your needs, you have many options for customizing a new house. You can purchase and remodel an older home, buy a new, yet predesigned house, or take the time to work with a custom builder to construct a one-of-a-kind residence. If you want complete control over what your house will look like, you should consider the advantages of designing your home from scratch with professional help from a place like K Gordon Construction so you can fulfill your fantasies of living in the house of your dreams.

Common Pests That Enter Homes In Winter: Tips For Preventing Their Entry

From preventing ice dams to making sure the front steps are always free of ice and snow, for many homeowners, winter is nothing but a long list of back breaking chores. However, before you put your feet up and enjoy a mug of hot cocoa, there is one more issue you should address: pests. Just like you, several common pests find your warm home very appealing on frigid winter days, and their unwelcome presence can cause major damage.

Crawlspaces: Are They Right For Your New Home?

When you are planning to build a new home, you probably have thought a lot about the home's exterior, number of bathrooms, paint colors, and maybe even the type of shingles on the roof. However, perhaps the best place to begin is at the bottom: your new home's foundation. In many parts of the country, crawlspaces are the conventional choice; however, you need to consider why a crawlspace might be best for you, not necessarily for someone else.

Three Steps That Will Prepare Your Boat Motor For Winter Storage

Moving your boat to a storage facility at a site like http://www.getepicstorage.com over the winter months is a great idea. It keeps the boat safe from weather damage without taking up valuable space in your backyard. However, putting a boat into storage for the winter is not as simple as just towing it over to the yard, and dropping it off. Your boat motor, in particular, needs to be fully prepared for the months ahead when it will not be used.