8 Great Ways That You Can Use Shredded Paper!

You're probably already aware that shredding documents that contain sensitive information is an excellent way to keep yourself safe from the criminal antics of identity thieves. However, you might not be aware of all of the ways that you can put shredded paper to good use. Here are eight things that you can do with shredded paper rather than simply taking it to a nearby recycling center:

Use it for Compost

Shredded paper can be added to the contents of your compost bin as long as it isn't coated with foil or plastic. It's great for soaking up excess moisture in compost materials and because it's high in carbon, it can be used in place of straw or grass clippings in compost bins. As a general rule, don't use "shiny" paper such as newspaper ad inserts and magazines.

Use it for Crafting

Shredded paper can be used for a variety of craft projects. You can use it to create paper mache and as filling for dolls and stuffed animals. Paper mache can be molded into just about anything and is easily made using flour and water or basic glue products. Paper mache creations can be painted as well as accessorized with items such as beads and glitter and make excellent rainy-day projects for bored children.

Use it for Packing and Shipping Material

If you routinely ship packages from your home or business, you'll find that shredded paper is an excellent shipping material. If you plan on moving in the foreseeable future, saving shredded paper will provide you with a great packing medium that will protect your breakable items during transit.

Use it as Fire Starter

If you've got a wood stove or fireplace, shredded paper works well as a fire starter. Simply sprinkle some in the firebox or bottom of the fireplace before you add the kindling, making sure that you spread it out evenly and leave plenty of room for air circulation. If you don't have a wood stove or fireplace, you might know someone who does who would appreciate an occasional gift of shredded paper.

Use it in the Chicken Coop

Shredded paper can be used in place of straw on the floor of your chicken coop as well as in the laying boxes. When it comes time to clean and refresh the coop, simply move the shredded paper to the compost bin before you add a fresh layer.

Use it as Mulch

Shredded paper can be used as mulch in vegetable gardens, flower beds, and around shrubs and trees. Mulching is important because it regulates soil temperature, helps keep down weeds,  If your home or business doesn't generate enough shredded paper to meet the mulching needs of your yard and garden, ask your local recycling center if they have bags of shredded paper that they make available to the general public.

Use it to Protect Seeds

One of the dangers of sowing new seeds in the spring is that birds swoop down into the garden and gobble up many of the seeds before they even have a chance to sprout. You can save your sees from this fate by sprinkling a small amount of shredded paper over. This is especially recommended for fine, small seeds such as carrot and tomato that need to be planted very close to the soil surface in order to germinate properly.

Donate it to an Animal Shelter

If you simply have no use for shredded paper in your home or business, consider donating it to an animal shelter for use as bedding. Animal shelters depend largely on donations, and not having enough bedding is usually a big issue for them.

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