The Advantages Of Using A Custom Home Builder To Construct Your House

When you have saved enough money to purchase a home that fits all of your needs, you have many options for customizing a new house. You can purchase and remodel an older home, buy a new, yet predesigned house, or take the time to work with a custom builder to construct a one-of-a-kind residence. If you want complete control over what your house will look like, you should consider the advantages of designing your home from scratch with professional help from a place like K Gordon Construction so you can fulfill your fantasies of living in the house of your dreams.

Freedom to Incorporate Individual Design Specifications

As you begin browsing neighborhoods searching for a new home, you may notice that some subdivisions are filled with cookie-cutter homes that lack individuality and are not distinct from each other.

When you work with custom home builders you can combine all your favorite features of residential properties into the perfect house. You will not have to worry about customizing a boring tract house with remodeling and financing expensive home improvement projects.

Set Your Own Budget and Choose Major Fixtures

Because you have complete control over designing your home, you can decide what features and products to include in the structure. If you are working within a specific budget, you can choose what types of major appliances and structures such as HVAC systems, lighting, windows, insulation, millwork, hardwood floors and roofing materials will be used in your home.

The quality of the products you choose will be completely up to you. In addition, you will not have to gut or remodel kitchens and bathrooms to install custom countertops and tiles.

You can also choose the location of underground pipes and utility lines as long as they adhere to municipal codes. If you buy a pre-built home, moving the location of utility outlets can be prohibitively expensive.

Accommodate Family Members With Special Needs

If a member of your family lives with a physical challenge, during the design phase you can add structures to make it easier for them to navigate the house such as ramps, bathroom rails, low counters, residential elevators and stair lifts.

In addition, you can install a customized HVAC system with air purification features that help people who suffer from allergies and other respiratory problems.

Some people who have trouble getting around also build, barrier-free one-story ranch-style homes that are easy to maneuver.

Go Green

If you are concerned about the effect of your construction and new home on the environment, you can include features that can help you conserve water and reduce the amount of waste you generate. You can also request that builders use environmentally sustainable materials to build your home.

Using eco-friendly materials may make your home eligible for federal certification as a green building. If you build a home that qualifies for certification by the LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) program, you can earn federal tax credits for using certain types of building materials and appliances.

Select a Builder

After you decide that you want to design your own house, you must find a reputable custom builder. In order to find a firm that has the credentials and experience to fulfill your design, you need to make sure the builder offers a construction warranty, is licensed, has references and can provide you with a detailed estimate. In addition, builders should provide:

  • Options for energy-saving features
  • A catalog of plans that you can browse and customize
  • Model homes that you can tour
  • A detailed building schedule that includes times when you can tour the home during construction

When you take the custom build route for buying a new home, you will enjoy seeing your visions of a dream home made into reality as you work directly with architects and interior designers to plan your home. The entire process will be centered around you and your specific needs.