What To Do As Soon As You Move Into A New Place

If you just purchased your first home, you are probably excited about decorating, arranging the furniture and getting accustomed to being a homeowner. You may not be thinking about all the technical details that go into homeownership. Since you want to be a smart homeowner, use this guide to check out some specifics of your new home as soon as you move in to prevent complications down the road.

Check for Leaks

Water damage is costly and difficult to repair, so controlling and preventing leaks is a priority. Even though you may have had an inspection, it is still worth your time to check for leaks, because most home inspections are surface level.

Turn the faucets on in the kitchen, bathroom and any other spigot that draws water. Look around the water pipes to look for drips. If you don't see any, rub your hand on the pipes to check for moisture. If you notice wetness, call a plumber to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Get New Locks

Perhaps the first step you should take when moving into your new home is changing the locks. It is hard to say for sure that previous owners do not still have a key to the locks that are on the house when you buy it. In some cases, they may just throw the old keys away, leaving them available for thieves. Have the locks rekeyed, or changed completely by a professional.

Another option that adds heightened security is to install digital locks. These locks activate with a code that engages or disengages the lock when entered correctly. Some models can even be controlled remotely through a smart-home system on your phone.

Look For Signs of Pests

Insect infestation is often hard to notice until it has gotten completely out of control. Contact an exterminator to treat your home for the usual suspects of roaches, fleas, and termites. Larger pests such as raccoons or mice could also frequent your home. If you notice your trashcan seems to be frequently rummaged, nocturnal vermin may be the culprit.

As an added precaution, consider night vision cameras and motion sensors to help you to catch the pesky animals. Once you know what sort of animal you are dealing with and where it comes from, the pest control company can deal with it far more effectively.

Once you know that your home is truly clear of any issues that you did not know about before, and that your home is secure, you'll be able to decorate with confidence. Ask a real estate company like Reinvest Consultants for more ideas on what to do soon after moving into your new home.