Three Ways To Increase Your House's Curb Appeal For $100 Or Less

Curb appeal -- or the way your home looks from the sidewalk -- has a huge impact on how quickly you sell your home and whether or not you receive your asking price. But if you don't have thousands to spend on new siding or landscaping, the idea of increasing curb appeal may sound a bit daunting. Here are three ways to make the front of your home more attractive to buyers without spending more than $100.

Paint the door and window frames.

If painting the whole home is not an option, at least paint the door and window frames. These areas are usually some of the first to begin peeling. Plus, a fresh coat of paint on the frames should make your doors and windows really "pop." You should only need two or three gallons of exterior paint to tackle all of your window frames and door frames. (Plus a weekend and some helpers.) Scrape the frames to remove the loose paint. As long as there's still a reasonable amount of paint left behind after scraping, you should not have to worry about applying primer before painting. Tape the frames off so you don't get paint on the siding, and then start painting away.

Line your walkway in potted plants.

Add a pop of color to your landscaping without digging up flower beds or bringing in topsoil. You can usually find large pots and planters at discount stores for just a few dollars. Fill them with potting soil, and then pop in some colorful annuals. Marigolds are a good choice since they keep their yellow and orange flowers from spring to fall. Pansies and petunias as also easy to maintain and come in many colors. Place a few pots on either side of the walkway, and potential buyers will have a hard time not being drawn in.

Install a unique mailbox.

A mailbox that calls attention to itself can give the front of your home more personality. Look at home-goods stores and discount stores for a quirky, yet functional mailbox that lines up with the rest of your home's personality. For instance, if your home features a lot of cheery, bright colors, a mailbox covered in flowers and rays of sunshine may be a good choice. If your home features Craftsman architecture, a mailbox made of oak and stone may work. This tip will be especially helpful if your current mailbox looks a bit old and worn.

For more tips and tricks. contact a real estate agent in your area.