3 Ways To Save Money On Your Peak Season Wedding

The average wedding cost somewhere around $31,213. For most couples, this is a significant amount of money. If you've chosen to have your ceremony during peak wedding season, make sure you know what ways you can cut costs to help save money.

Choose An Off-Peak Time

Just because you've chosen to have your ceremony during the peak time of the year, this doesn't mean the ceremony also must be during a peak time of the day. For example, instead of a traditional Saturday afternoon or evening wedding ceremony, consider a Friday or Sunday night instead.

Many venues will offer discounts during these periods in order to secure a booking, as some money is always better than none. Consider your guests to ensure this type of schedule will be accommodating of their needs or give them significant advance notice to give them time to plan.

Be Selective With Your Guests List

Remember that your wedding day is about you and your partner, it's not about everyone else. While there are special people that you want to be in attendance, it's best to be selective when it comes to your guests list, especially if you want to protect your pockets.

Your wedding isn't the time to invite every single person you know, as the cost to feed each guest is somewhere around $68. If your list is long, this amount can quickly add up. Sit down with your partner and go over your list several times to see who you might be able to trim off and who must be in attendance.

Choose An All-Inclusive Venue

Consider choosing an all-inclusive venue. For example, instead of having your ceremony in one location and your reception in another, choose a venue that can accommodate your needs for both events. Not only will this save you stress when it comes to dealing with a shorter list of vendors, it can also save you money.

Some of these venues, will give you a discount for having both events with them. Additionally, many of these venues have special partnerships with different vendors that can also help you save extra money on your food and beverage costs, equipment rental fees and other services.

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime moment. Make sure you and your partner are sitting down to plan every detail of your special day in a way that best reflects both of your personalities and your budget.