4 Pro Tips For Selling Your Home Faster & For More Money

Getting a home sold is on millions of minds each year in the United States. In fact, during 2015, some 5.25 million existing homes were sold. But even with this level of sales occurring, individual homeowners can still find themselves consumed with worry about the entire process of finding a willing and able buyer for their home. If you are a homeowner preparing to sell and wondering what you can do to improve your odds for a fast sale and a great price, the following tips can help prepare you to succeed. 

Pro Tip One: Get Professional Help

No matter how awesome you think you would be at marketing your own home or how much money you could potentially save on the real estate commission, the fact is you need the services of a professional, full-time agent with a successful selling track record. Hiring an agent of this caliber means that you get to benefit from the years of experience and the networking and marketing tools that this agent brings to the table.

Pro Tip Two: Price the Home Correctly from Day One

When the time comes to set the listing price for their home, sellers often make the mistake of wanting to "try out" a higher price for the first few weeks of the listing. They mistakenly believe that doing so is harmless because the price can always be reduced. In reality, setting the price too high and then being forced to lower it leaves a record of price reductions in the multiple listing service (MLS) that can make buyers and other agents think something might be wrong with the home. To avoid this, take the advice of the real estate professional you have hired to list your home and price the home correctly from day one.

Pro Tip Three: Do the Hard Work, All of It

In the rush to get the home listed, sellers can sometimes put off doing some or all of the work needed to make it outshine its competition. Buyers who view a home that has not been thoroughly cleaned, organized, and prepped for the market will quickly move to on one of your competitor's, so do the work of preparing your home completely before listing. 

Pro Tip Four: Remove Potential Obstacles 

Even homes that are clean, organized, and attractive can turn off buyer interest if there are obstacles in the way when buyers come to view the home. Wildly barking dogs, (even if crated), the cat that winds around human legs, crowded driveways that prevent the buyer from parking in it, or the presence of a homeowner in the home during the showing can all detract from the experience and cause the buyer to lose interest. So take the time to see what obstacles your home may present and remove them. 

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