Appearance IS Everything: How To Select A Real Estate Agent Based On Appearance

In some lines of work, appearance is everything. For a real estate agent, this is definitely true. If you, the customer, wants to hire a real estate agent, are you going to hire someone who looks like a slob, or someone who looks professional? The answer is pretty clear. There are other qualities and factors based on appearance that you want to consider when you hire a real estate agent too.

Dressed Appropriately

The agent should always be dressed appropriately. That usually means a business jacket (i.e., company red suit coat, tailored black suit coat, etc.), suit pants or skirt, and sensible work shoes. A real estate agent should not show up in six-inch spiked heels, jeans or ripped clothing (at least not without a valid reason). If he or she is more casually dressed, the meeting should be preempted with an explanation for the casual dress (e.g., it is "casual Friday" or the agent earned the right to dress comfortably for one day). The way the agent dresses speaks to the seriousness and level of professionalism in his/her work.

Personal Grooming

Personal grooming is another important factor. Would you want to hire a real estate agent that shows up unwashed, greasy or smelly? Probably not. Most real estate agents know that personal grooming can create awkward situations between them and their customers, which in turn destroys any possibility of the sale of a property. Body odor is a definite deal breaker, since it is offensive to just about everyone. It shows that the agent does not care enough about him/herself, so why should he/she care about you? Beards and mustaches should also be neatly trimmed and free of food, while hair should be brushed, clean and tidy.

Briefcase or Carry-All

If a real estate agent is ready to make a sale, he or she should also have all of the property's information with him/her as well as the paperwork to sign. These should not be carelessly toted in a manila folder in the crook of one's arm, since it could be dropped and scattered at any time. Instead, you should see a briefcase or a nice carry-all arm bag that looks professional and compliments what the agent is wearing. All of the necessary documents and paperwork should fit neatly into the briefcase or carry-all, and not be hanging loosely outside of it. Otherwise, his/her presentation of the property's information appears discombobulated and leaves you, the customer, feeling like the agent is frequently disorganized and/or unprepared.