Look For These Signs Of Chronic Neglect When Selecting Your New Home

If you are currently shopping for a new home for your family, then it is important that you choose a home that has been well cared for by its previous owner. When a home has not been properly maintained, it can have many very expensive problems that lurk just below the surface where you can't see them. For this reason, you need to look closely for signs of chronic neglect when you are shopping, including each of the following:

No Rain Gutter System or a Damaged One

When you are visiting homes, make sure that you take a minute to check its rain gutter system. If the rain gutters are missing or damaged, then stormwater coming off of the roof will damage the landscaping, foundation, and can intrude into the basement space. A missing or damaged rain gutter system is a sign that a home has not been well cared for.

Landscaping that is Overgrown or Full of Weeds

Since homeowners try to put their best foot forward when selling their home, one that has landscaping that is overgrown or full of weeds is a sign of a neglected property. Most homeowners take pride in their property and will at least clean up the outside before listing it for sale. If the yard is a mess when you pull up out front, then chances are that other aspects of the house have also been neglected. 

Cracking in Exterior Stucco or Bricks

When you are touring a potential home for purchase and see cracks in the exterior stucco or damage to brickwork, then this is another sure sign that a home has not been well maintained by its owner. Cracking is typically due to movement of the home's foundation and if this type of issue isn't promptly repaired then it can lead to repairs that will cost many thousands of dollars to fix. 

Holes in Interior Walls and Doors

As with exterior damage, holes in interior walls and doors also shows signs of serious neglect in a house. Repairing holes in sheetrock and doors are simple to patch using tape and joint compound. When this type of damage is widespread in a home then it is a sign that other, more expensive damage may well lurk below the surface. 

Missing Window Screens or Broken Windows

Finally, a home that has missing window screens or broken windows is also a home that has likely been abused by its current owners. Typically, homeowners who care about their homes and maintain them properly will replace windows that break and screens that become damaged. 

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