4 Ways Instagram Helps With Renting Out Properties

If you own property you plan on renting out, advertising the properties you have available is key to getting tenants into the space. However, advertising can take place in a variety of ways. While you want to advertise on a number of platforms, you want to be sure that you consider Instagram as one of those platforms. Here are four ways Instagram helps:

  1. Hashtags: When you post a photo of your rental property, you are able to include hashtags. This is going to help gain an audience directly to your photo. You want to include keywords, such as rental property, real estate, as well as the hashtag of the specific city or region the property is located. Since Instagram has a wide audience, it can easily draw attention to your rental property and lead those viewers to visiting your site for more information on the rental property itself. 
  2. High-Quality Photos: Instagram does not compromise the quality of the photos you post. So when you hire a photographer to take photos of the rental property, which is something that is highly recommended, you can be sure that those high-quality photos are going to resonate on Instagram. On top of this, there are some formatting options available, such as landscape photos so that you can post larger photos that show more of the home and property size. 
  3. Videos: On top of posting high-quality photos, you can also post videos. Giving a tour of the rental property itself on Instagram is another way to gain attraction to the rental property. This gives viewers a quick idea of the layout of the property to determine whether or not this is a space they can see themselves in. You can even post "stories" on Instagram where you may want to post quick videos of yourself talking about details of the property or giving a small tour that includes interesting details of the property.
  4. Quick Content: The biggest benefit of Instagram is that you are giving quick snippets of content about your rental property to a wide range of people. This is going to then bring those who are really interested in the property to your actual site. This is going to eliminate the unnecessary amount of prospective renters that aren't actually interested in the rental property. These renters won't take the time to find your site and send their contact information to you. 

When you know these four ways Instagram is helpful when renting out property, you can see why it's something you should consider utilizing. If you are using the services of rental management, like Picket Fence Properties, you also want to consider whether or not they use platforms, such as Instagram when handling renting out your property.