Three Reasons Why You Should Buy A "Fixer-Upper" When You Have Kids

If you are exploring single family homes for sale, and you need a home for your growing family, you may be inclined to pass up those "fixer-upper" houses. However, you may be missing out on some really important ideas as well as a good deal on a home. Here are some reasons why you should buy a fixer-upper family home when you have kids.

Kids Are Destructive

If you have not figured it out already, kids are destructive and messy. That is just the way they explore the world. As a parent you have to do all you can to train this out of them and give them constructive alternatives. In the meantime, they will paint your walls, color on the bare floors, melt crayons on the radiators, draw on every surface they find, and then find new ways to make a mess of your abode. If the house you buy is already a fixer-upper, few guests will notice your children's attempt to "improve" the place. They will be too busy looking at everything you are trying to remodel in the home.

You Can Teach the Kids Some Excellent Self-Sufficiency Skills

As you learn to do many things inside the house, you can show and teach your children how to do them as well. Then your kids learn a ton about tools, how to use tools properly and effectively, how to repair everything from a clogged drain to a broken toilet handle, etc., etc.. Having that kind of knowledge and that kind of bonding experience with your kids as you work to fix up your fixer-upper is priceless.

When the Home Is Completely Fixed Up, You Can Sell It for a Profit

Flipping a house that you reside in is not always easy. However, as your children learn by watching you and participating in the process, and then learn some economics about the initial cost of the home versus what it is worth after you have completed all the repairs and remodeling, they learn some new and valuable skills. They learn that there are ways to increase your money and your investments, how to make money in real estate, and how to flip a house to make enough money to buy an even better house in which to live. If you put it all down on paper for them, the older children (past age 10) will have a clear understanding of the value of work too.