Provide Potential Tenants With A Tour Of The Property That You Manage And An Informal Luncheon

If there are a few vacant apartments in the complex that you manage and you would like to fill the dwellings with new tenants, the following tips will assist with providing a tour of the grounds and welcoming attendees with an informal luncheon. Telling potential tenants about the amenities and services that are included with a rental and being hospitable while people spend time visiting the property may influence some of the visitors to move into one of the apartments. 

Rental Advertisements, Applications, And A Map Of The Grounds

Meet with a realtor to help you create a listing for the rentals that are available. Plan a date and time for people to stop by the complex for a tour and informal luncheon, and have this information added to the listing. Acquire copies of the listing and bring them to the apartment complex to give to people who are interested in renting one of the apartments.

If the realtor who you hired is contacted by individuals who are in need of a place to live, they can direct them to stop by complex on the day of the tour and luncheon. Make copies of the standard rental application and map of the grounds and give the copies to people who stop by for the public event.

Detailed Information About The Amenities And Services That Are Included

Write a detailed list of the amenities that are included with each rental and the services that you and other staff members provide. For instance, add information about a community pool, recreation room, laundry facility, security, and maintenance that are offered. When giving a tour of the grounds, point out specific areas that are on your list and discuss security measures and maintenance services that are available and how to contact you or another employee of the complex if assistance is needed by a tenant. 

An Informal Luncheon 

Order or prepare sandwiches and salads and place the food items on large platters that are set up on a table outdoors. Place canned or bottled beverages inside of a cooler that is filled with ice. After you have given groups of people a tour of the building and applications to fill out, welcome each of the attendees to enjoy the food and beverages. During this time, get to know your guests by asking them questions and offering additional information about the apartments if any of the attendees request more details. 

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