Your Open House: What To Do

Selling a house isn't always easy, especially in a competitive market. That's why you've got to use every tactic at your disposal in order to ensure that your home is seen by a large number of people who could fall in love with it and purchase it. Open houses are great for connecting with the community and allowing people to talk with you and see the place. The details below should be included in your planning to make the events effective.

Consider the Past

When you first sit down to think about what to focus on during an open house, it's smart to think back to when you bought the house. What drew you to the place? What made you purchase it instead of one of the other homes on the market at that time? By putting yourself in the mental space you occupied years ago, you can better understand what you should highlight when people come to your open houses. In fact, the same things that sparked your interest could today spark someone else's.

Beautify Grass and Shrubs

Those who pass your house everyday only see the exterior of your property, but they can still form opinions and guesses about what the inside might look like based on what they see all the time. If you've got a well-manicured, well-maintained lawn that greets people each day, they will assume that the inside space looks as majestic. If not, they might think the opposite. Your open houses may showcase the interior spaces, but to entice people from the very start, take some extra cash and contact a landscaper so that the entire property can look fantastic.

Use Scents

A not-so-secret but highly effective tactic you can employ to help buyers feel more comfortable as they look around during the event is to use great scents. The mood of many people can be affected by the way something smells. For your open houses, you might want to diffuse a few drops of lemon oil or bergamot, as citrus scents are very popular. Vanilla is another popular scent. Food odors can also be smart; not many people dislike the way freshly-baked bread smells, for example.

After all your planning, the open house events should encourage everyone to think more about buying the place. Consult the realtor you're using for the sale; they have many more ideas that could make your next open house even more successful.