Prepping Your Home To Sell? 4 Affordable Upgrades That Will Show Well

The key to selling a home quickly is to take care of some upgrades that will look good to potential buyers.  You want to do some fixes that will be attractive and affordable, which is why you should consider these 4 upgrades.

New Mailbox

Think of your mailbox as you would a nice welcome mat on your doorstep.  It is one of the first things that someone sees when they approach your home and can make a lasting impression.  Having a mailbox that looks really nice could help your home look more welcoming.  At the very least, give the existing mailbox a fresh paint job so it looks brand new once again.

Rock Beds

Keeping your garden beds free of weeds can be challenging, especially when you don't know when somebody is going to stop by to tour your home. You can upgrade your flower beds by adding decorative rocks to it.  Weed the flower bed one last time, lay down a protective weed barrier, and then cover it with rocks.

A rock bed will help your flower beds to look perfect all the time.  It also helps provides a very clean and pristine look to an area that usually looks messy.  Try using rocks that have natural tones in them, like tan or white.  You can add in a color splash by adding some mint or pink hues to the mix. 

Front Door Changes

One part of your home that takes a lot of abuse over the years is your front door.  Chances are that you don't even notice all of the cosmetic problems since you are used to them from years of every day use.  The front door can really benefit from a new coat of paint that will match the existing exterior of the home. 

If painting is not your style then you should consider upgrading the front door to one that looks much more modern.  Installing a front door that has decorative glass can make a positive impression on buyers before they even step foot in your home.

Outdoor Lighting

You will be surprised at the difference some outdoor lighting can make.  Use spotlights to highlight features of your home, like a nice tree or the front door.  Post lights can be used to illuminate a path leading to your front door.  Post lights can also be used to line a flower bed to accent its shape at night time.  

For more affordable upgrade ideas and tips for putting up your home for sale, speak to your real estate agent.