Lots Of Homes For Sale In Your Neighborhood? Why You Should Find Out Why

If you currently live in a neighborhood that is suddenly overrun with houses for sale, you may be wondering why. There are any number of reasons why your neighbors are trying to get out. There are also some good reasons why you should make it your business to find out why. Here is how you can find out why your neighbors are "getting out of Dodge" and why it should matter to you.

Check Property Tax Records

Homeowners who cannot pay their property taxes may be forced into selling their homes. Their homes may be heading into foreclosure too, due to issues with the property taxes. Since property taxes are public record and can be checked via a computer, you can do this without being too invasive of your neighbors' right to privacy.

Bring It up in Casual Conversation

If you are friendly with some of the neighbors that are selling, you could just bring it up casually. Say you are curious as to why they are choosing to move after living here for "x" number of years, etc. If it is not too personal a reason, they may be willing to share why.

Age, Retirement, and Death

If the majority of the homeowners in your neighborhood are elderly, there is a very good chance that they want to move elsewhere where the yardwork and housework are not as much. Retirement for others may mean that they are moving to Florida, or another popular retirement state. Of course, a few more homes for sale may be on the market because the owners have passed away.

Neighborhood Is Not as Safe as It Used to Be

Homeowners who have been in the neighborhood for more than twenty years may remember it being safer than it is now. This could be a prompt for them to move. If a few of the houses on the block house loud, unruly, or hostile neighbors, this could be the reason why, too.

Why You Should Find out Why

Neighbors often talk over fences, and some of the long-term neighbors may know that a major change is coming to the local school, street construction that narrows the street and takes property from owners, etc. If that is the case, you may want to get out too. If not, you may have an opportunity to snatch up a bigger house or more property from one of the neighbors at a good price.

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