Including Physical Fitness Activities In The Search Criteria For A Home

Home buyers differ significantly in their specific needs and preferences. Each house for sale is also somewhat different, so prospective buyers usually end up inspecting several properties before discovering their ideal match. Individuals who incorporate physical exercise activities into their lifestyle can evaluate each available home on the ability of its occupants to engage in regular exercise.

Use of home exercise equipment

Exercise equipment tends to be used more frequently when it is easily accessible. Exercise equipment also takes up square footage, so you may want to ensure that a house in which you are interested can accommodate your equipment. If there is not a dedicated room in which you can place your exercise equipment, a portion of a larger room may suffice for the equipment that you use the most.

Neighborhood walking

Many people enjoy walking for exercise but prefer to remain on street sidewalks during a walk. In a residential area that lacks continuous sidewalks, a bit of extra caution can usually keep you reasonably safe when walking on streets. Although many walkers prefer to stay on sidewalks, jogging enthusiasts may actually prefer to run on the roads surrounding their home.


Running is likely to take you farther from home than walking. Dedicated runners usually seek out lesser-traveled roads to maintain a margin of road safety. To discover nearby streets that are suitable for running activities, you may have to drive your vehicle through the neighborhoods surrounding a home listed for sale.


Riding a bicycle on your residential street is somewhat like taking a short walk. If you are interested in riding farther, however, it becomes more like jogging or running. The same safe streets that are suitable for running longer distances are generally acceptable for cycling. Unlike walking or running, however, bicycle gear can fill up a portion of your home's square footage.

You may prefer to store you bicycle on a bike stand when the bike is not in use. A bike stand is helpful when performing repairs and maintenance, but it takes up a bit of available floor space. You might also keep tools and accessories stored near your bike, such as a helmet and a tire pump. The use of available square footage is even greater if you have more than one bicycle.

Unlike a stationary exercise bicycle that is more likely to be in an air-conditioned room, a road bike or mountain bike can be stored almost anywhere in your home. Some individuals are not so interested in exercising from home and opt instead for membership in a local gym, making the proximity of nearby exercise facilities more important in the selection of a home.