Tips And Tricks For Cleaning Your Newly Built Home

If you have had your home custom built and it's done. Then, your next step in preparing to move in to your newly constructed home will be to get it move-in ready. You can hire a company to come out and clean the whole house for you. Or, you and your family can decide to make it a family effort and do it together. Cleaning a newly construction home differs from cleaning one that's been lived in. Here are some things you'll need to know about cleaning this type of home prior to moving in:

Dust everything else completely

You're going to have a lot of dust throughout the whole house. Make sure you dust all the ceiling fans, pot shelves, window sills, cupboards and everything else before you move in to the house. This is going to give you that nice and brand new home to move into and it's going to cut down on allergens which may trigger allergy or asthma attacks from someone in the household.

Clean the flooring well

You'd like to assume that having a brand new house built means that you won't have to worry about cleaning the new flooring. However, you do need to clean it, but not for the reasons you may suspect. Instead of worrying about dirt and grime, you will need to clean up nails, sawdust, splinters and other debris that comes with new construction. You may find yourself picking up some large debris, so a shopvac should be used or you can break your home vacuum.

Sweep and mop well

Make sure you sweep every corner and border of hard flooring, such as that in the bathrooms and kitchen. Get under cupboards and along baseboards well so you know no one will end up stepping on splinters or small nails after moving in.

Be prepared to remove tape off windows, cupboards, etc.

You may actually be surprised by the amount of tape and stickers that will be on the windows, toilets, faucets, and many other items throughout the entire house. You can use a brand new razor blade ad a steady hand to get the stickers and tape off smooth and hard surfaces, such as windows and porcelain. However, you may also need to use some fingernail polish remover and elbow grease to get them off other surfaces.

Clean the windows well

Your windows will probably be dusty from the construction. An easy way for you to clean the windows is with a window cleaning liquid and crumbled up newspaper.

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