The Benefits Of Buying Unfinished Red-Oak Hardwood Floors For Your Home For Sale

If you want to sell your home quickly, you may want to consider placing hardwood floors in the home. Buyers are looking for real wood floors more than for any other flooring option when they're looking at homes for sale. Deciding which type of floor to buy is a big decision. If you are looking to buy red-oak hardwood floors, you can buy finished planks or unfinished planks. All hardwood floors need to be sealed to keep moisture out and protect against scratches. A finished plank has been sealed and finished at the factory, whereas an unfinished one is sealed and finished after it has been installed in your home. Learning the benefits of buying unfinished planks will help you determine if this is ideal for your home for sale. Here are a few of the benefits of buying unfinished red-oak hardwood floors.

The Installer Doesn't Have to Worry About Scratching the Floor During Installation

One of the biggest benefits to buying unfinished floors is that the installers don't have to worry about scratching the floors. The floors will be sanded down and sealed after installation, which helps to remove any small scratches or imperfections that occur during the installation process. This isn't the case with finished red-oak planks. An installer has to be careful not to scratch them during the installation process, which can slow the process down. Buyers do not want a scratched up floor, so this is important. 

You Can Stain the Floors

Many times, you love the color of the floor in the store, but when it is installed in your home, the sunlight and other colors on your walls may make it look lighter or darker than you want. If your floor is unfinished, it can be stained without any hassle, ensuring the color is exactly what you want and what would appeal to your buyers. If the flooring is finished, it has to be stripped before it can be stained, which is time consuming and tedious.

You Can Select Your Sealer or Finishing Product

Lastly, when you buy unfinished red-oak hardwood floors, you get to select your finishing product or sealer. Not all sealers are the same. If you buy a finished product, you are stuck with the sealer the manufacturer used, which may not be the best option for the aesthetic of your home. You get to pick the finishing product when you buy unfinished red-oak floors, which can make the floors look perfect.

Trying to determine what type of hardwood floor to buy for a home that you are going to sell can be a big decision. If you have questions about it, talk to your realtor, flooring supplier, or installer. They can answer any additional questions you have and help you decide which is the best option for you.