Planning The Perfect Retirement Home? Useful Upgrades With A Luxurious Feel

With kids leaving the nest and retirement looming, many homeowners begin to consider building a new home. While the current home has likely served their needs well and provided plenty of space to raise their family, the design may not easily accommodate aging and the potential mobility issues that can accompany this phase of life. If you are in the planning stages of building your retirement home, consider adding one or more of the following upgrades to improve your comfort level and ensure that you enjoy continued mobility and comfort:

The drive-in basement

When people begin to look for or build a home to grow older in, they often feel that their choices must be limited to a one-level home. But this can mean giving up many of the advantages of having a basement, including extra storage and a convenient place to house system components, such as HVAC equipment and water tanks or heaters. 

Opting for a home with a full basement can provide this extra space and by adding convenient, automatic garage doors, a section of it can function as a drive-in basement that will allow you to eliminate the need to go outside the home in inclement weather. A dumb-waiter, stair lift, or private elevator can be added that can eliminate the need to climb stairs or carry groceries and packages to the main floor. 

The private elevator

Private elevators are becoming much more common in residential housing. Self-contained, with surprisingly small footprints, these units can make it possible for those with mobility issues to live comfortably in a home with more than one level. 

The Shower Room

Instead of building a traditional shower, many retirement home builders are instead opting to add a shower area or room to their bathroom designs. Shower rooms have specially built walls, floors, and ceilings finished with waterproof surfaces, such as tile. Because they have no lip at the entry, they can be more easily accessed with walkers, wheelchairs, or other mobility devices. 

Built for comfort and ease of use, a typical shower room design might include built-in benches or seating, multiple shower heads, and special lighting or sound systems for additional enjoyment. 

For more great ideas to help you design and build a luxurious retirement home well-suited for aging in place, speak with a reputable luxury home builder in your area. They will be able to help you succeed in having a dream home that will offer a truly secure, comfortable living experience as you grow older. 

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