Ideas For Converting Your Spare Bedroom To A Kids Room Before You Sell

Before you list your home, it's a good idea to assess its features and talk to your real estate agent about what type of buyer is apt to purchase the dwelling. Your agent may suggest that your house's size and features make it suitable for a family with one child — this will likely be the case if it's a two-bedroom house. If you don't have a child, the second bedroom in the home may be set up as a bedroom, or it may be used for storage, as a home office, or even a home gym. You can make your single family home online listing more appealing to the likely buyers by making the spare room look like a kids room. Here's how.

Buy Some Secondhand Furniture

You don't need to run out to your local big box store and spend hundreds of dollars on a children's bedroom suite. Instead, visit a secondhand store to buy a bed, dresser, night table, and any other pieces of furniture that might be present in a child's room. Secondhand, these items won't cost you very much, and they can be integral in transforming the look of the room for those perusing your online real estate listing. Of course, you'll want to add sheets and pillows to the bed, which you likely already have. If not, consider borrowing a child-themed bed set from a family member who has children.

Paint It Accordingly

You don't necessarily want to paint the spare bedroom blue or pink, as doing so could alienate some buyers. For example, if you paint the bedroom pink, buyers with a young boy might not like the look of the room. However, it's worthwhile to give the room a kid-friendly coat of paint. Visit your local paint store and browse the options that are commonly used for children's rooms. Light yellow or light green, for example, are colors that are often present in children's rooms and may be suitable for the new buyers, regardless of the gender of their child.

Add Some Decorations

While you shouldn't feel the need to add a pile of decorations to the room, a few thoughtfully placed items — much like a home stager might set up for you — can make the room look enticing to a buyer with a young child. Buy secondhand or borrow items that can appeal to children of both genders. Building blocks, sports equipment, children's musical instruments, and other similar items placed sparingly around the room can help it to come to life as an authentic-looking child's room for your real estate listing.