Techniques To Help You Sell Your Home Fast

An average home for sale in the U.S. sits on the market for 68 days. The actual time your home will take on the market depends largely on market conditions. However, you can accelerate the sale process using the following techniques.

Sell To a Cash Buyer

Some cash buyers buy homes at slightly lower prices and flip them for profit. If your main priority is to sell the property fast, you may have to take a price cut and deal with these buyers. Such buyers are mostly real estate companies or individuals who are trying their luck on the market.

Price It Low

Other factors constant, the price is probably the biggest factor that determines the selling speed of a house. If you take two houses in the same neighborhood with different prices, the cheaper house will almost always sell before their expensive counterpart.

Market It Thoroughly

Your house may be the most attractive on the block, but few people will get to see the property if you don't market it properly. You need to stage the house and take stunning marketing pictures, craft a compelling marketing copy, and spread the word to as many people as possible. The message should be on property listing sites, social media sites, banners, and posters. You should even use word of mouth to market the house to your friends and acquaintances.

Be Available

If you do the marketing right, you will get prospective buyers calling to arrange viewings of the house. If you want to sell the house fast, then you have to be available and flexible with the viewing times. Don't restrict viewing to normal business hours because you will lock out potential buyers who can only view the property after business hours.

Be Flexible With the Contingencies

Contingencies protect both buyers and sellers from potential losses during real estate transactions. However, you can't afford to be strict with your contingencies if you want to sell your house first. Avoid contingencies that seem restrictive to buyers and allow contingencies that make your property attractive to buyers. For example, you can allow an extension of closing date contingencies so that buyers are not afraid to deal with you.

Use an Agent

If you want to sell your house fast but via the traditional method, then your best bet is to use a real estate agent. Sure, you will pay the agent some money in the form of a commission, but the agent is more likely to sell the house faster than you can. The agent probably has a bigger market base than you, know how to market the property, and can distinguish between qualified buyers and those who are not ready to buy.

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