Tips For Selling A Vacant Home

Many buyers are wary of vacant homes. Some buyers think vacant homes are dilapidated or have some hidden problems that make the homes unlivable. Thus, if you want to sell a vacant home, you have to go the extra mile to get a buyer. The following tips should help you sell your vacant property.

Spruce Up the Property

Most vacant homes lose their curb appeal after some time. The windows get dirty, debris fills the yard, and the lawns overgrow. Don't put up your property for sale in such a sorry state. Instead, take care of the cosmetic issues so your curb appeal can attract potential buyers. Trim the trees, clean and vacuum the house, and cut the grass before putting the house on the market.

Stage the House

You should also stage the house so that people can't tell the house is vacant immediately as they pass through the doorway. In fact, if you had removed the house's contents, get some of them back or rent some furniture for the staging. This is necessary not only for taking the listing pictures but also for the buyer viewings. Besides, it is the house's contents that make it livable and attractive to potential buyers.

Keep the Utilities On

You need the utilities on for two main reasons. First, the potential buyers will want to test the utilities. They will want to see that the water is running, the heating or cooling system works, and the lights don't flicker when you turn them on. Secondly, you need the utilities on to make the property appear livable.

Improve the Smell

If the property has been vacant for a long time, then it probably has a smell that many people won't like. Get rid of the smell before the viewings start. Resist the temptation to fill the air with artificial fresheners, especially the plug-in type. Rather, clean and air the house regularly because once may not be enough. Flowers, nice smelling herbs, and some freshly baked cookies may also do wonders for the smell.

Alert the Neighbors

Lastly, it's also a good idea to alert the neighbors about your intentions to sell the place. That way the neighbors won't be alarmed by the increased activity in the place. They also won't be alarmed by strangers, such as the realtors and potential buyers, coming to the property all the time.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you sell your vacant property fast and at a good price. A real estate agent can help you with further tips that may be specific to your property.