For Disney Fans: Save Money With A Disney Timeshare

If you are a big fan of Disney World, then you understand how expensive it can get to take a vacation to the happiest place on earth each year. When you know you are going to take a Disney vacation every year and you want to make an investment that is cost-effective, it's time to consider Disney Timeshares. You are able to pick a home park and get priority booking for your next vacation. You get member-exclusive deals, events, and discounts simply for becoming a member of Disney's Vacation Club when you purchase their version of a timeshare. Even if you decide you no longer need your Disney timeshare, reselling your timeshare has never been easier.

Book a Year in Advance

When you become a Disney timeshare owner, you get to book your vacation up to a year in advance if it is at your home destination. For other timeshare owners, they can book up to seven months in advance, still a decent deal when you are interested in trying out different properties. You will get offers to book your vacation, with perks offered when you schedule during various times of the year. If you are a Disney park regular, the vacation club is right for you.

Customize Your Disney Timeshare Membership

Disney offers you options when it comes to the Disney Vacation Club and the timeshare they offer. You can get financing and pay monthly for your dream vacation. It's an investment that's worth the money when you are already heading to a Disney destination every year. You pay based on the number of vacation points you want each year, and you pay a monthly fee for your home resort for upkeep and maintenance fees. You are offered deals throughout the year that can save you 50% or more on your regular vacation.

Selling Your Disney Timeshare

When you decide you are no longer interested in the Disney Vacation Club, you can sell your membership to an interested party. Disney has the right to first refusal, and you may find yourself selling your timeshare back to Disney at the price you and your potential buyer have agreed upon.

If you love Disney and you are looking for great deals, it's time to look further into Disney timeshare resales. You can end up with a great deal on a timeshare and have the same perks as someone who purchased straight from Disney. Visit a website like in order to learn more.