Buy A Home With Great Opportunities To Make Your Cats Happy

When you buy a home, you may know that you will be satisfied with the one you decide to purchase because it will have to meet certain requirements before you consider putting in an offer. While it makes sense to prioritize your family's needs, you may also want to set aside time to think about what your cats will benefit from, especially if you always intend on owning cats.

Entertaining Views

As a cat owner, you may be quite familiar with the habits of your cats, such as sitting at open windows and watching everything happening outside. When buying a home, you should consider getting either a lot of windows or large ones that provide your cats with entertaining views.

One of the best ways to provide great views is by prioritizing multistory homes since the windows on the second floor are likely to have better views with fewer visual obstructions.

Hiding Spots

Picking a house with several spots for your cats to hide is well worth considering because you never know when your cats may find to take a nap or feel comforted when they are stressed. If someone comes over or loud noises start happening outside such as thunder, your cats will likely appreciate having these spots to go to as they may help them deal with the situation at hand.

Tall Perches

Another place that your cats may like to visit for fun or comfort is tall perches. For instance, you may find homes with kitchen cabinets that do not go all the way to the ceiling. This often means that there will be sizable perches along the kitchen walls where your cats can go to relax.

While you may not be able to find these perches that easily in listing photos online, you will have much better luck when taking the time to tour a house in person.

Outdoor Space

If you are able to find a property with a sizable outdoor space, you may want to consider the idea of building a "catio" for your cats to enjoy. This space can connect with an existing back door or a new one that you add and provide an enclosed space in the backyard. You can design it in a way that you know your cats will enjoy as well as a place where you can spend time with them.

When making your cats happy in the home that you buy is a priority, you should not hesitate to think about all the ways that you can accomplish this goal before making a purchase. Reach out to a realtor like Keller Williams Realty Intown Atlanta for help finding a home.