Here's What To Expect When Transitioning From Apartment Living To Family Home Ownership

Are you getting ready to purchase a family home and finally move beyond apartment living? Here are a few things you can expect as you transition to being a new homeowner:

The Extra Space

Even if you choose to buy a small family home, you will have a lot more space to work with than you do in your apartment dwelling, not only inside, but outside too. The extra elbow room will be convenient and comfortable, but it will also require more cleaning. And it could get a little taking used to – especially if young children live with you.

You can expect to walk around the house looking for household members until you get used to the extra space and get an idea of where your loved ones tend to spend most of their time. And you can expect everyone in the house to complain about their longer list of chores, so warn everyone early so they aren't surprised once you all get settled in your new home.

The Extra Maintenance

Buying a new family home means dealing with more maintenance work too. Not only will you be responsible for maintaining and repairing everything inside your home, but you'll have to keep up with the landscaping work too. Ask your real estate agent to recommend reliable landscapers to work with. You should also get a list of quality plumbers, electricians, and construction contractors from them while you're at it.

This will help ensure that you know exactly who to call when a maintenance task or repair comes up that you aren't equipped to handle yourself. And get a copy of all the owner's manuals for the appliances and power tools that come with the home you'll be purchasing so you have the information you need to keep everything in working order between professional service appointments.

The Extra Freedom

Owning a new family home will give you a lot of extra freedom that you may not be used to as an apartment dweller. You can decorate outside however you like and make as much noise as you want during the night. You can make changes to the wall colors, counters, and kitchen fixtures any time you feel like it. You can even paint your house or tint the windows if you want to.

So make big plans for your new place and forget the mindset that you have to get permission to decorate and make changes as you see fit. You'll be the proud owner of your new single family home, and you will be able to make all of the decisions for the property, big or small.