Want To Run A Successful Rental? 4 Things To Prioritize In A House

If you already own a house, you may know that you can turn it into a rental after moving out with your family. Going this route has its advantages such as knowing everything about the property since you have lived in it full-time. When you are looking to buy a home and rent it out without living it in at all, you should pay attention to things that will help you run a successful rental.

Square Footage

Using square footage to determine a home's rental value is worthwhile because the size will make a difference with how much rent you are able to charge. A large home will give all your tenants more space to furnish, decorate, entertain guests, and store their belongings. The great thing about square footage is that you do not have to worry about it going away over the years.

While attractive, modern, or high-end features will age and wear down over time, you can look forward to a huge home being an enticing feature to tenants on a consistent basis.


Paying attention to the bedroom count is a smart idea because each bedroom will allow you to accommodate more people in your rental. For instance, a three or four-bedroom home makes it possible to rent to families while a one or two-bedroom house will have noticeable limitations.

Just like how you will often see home listing prices being impacted by the number of bedrooms, you can expect to charge higher rent when you have more bedrooms to offer to renters.


If you want people to look forward to living in your rental, you want to make sure that they will not have any issues with parking. This means that you will benefit most from prioritizing a home with a garage and sizable driveway as they will be able to accommodate multiple vehicles.

A tenant will feel excited about renting a house when they can look forward to maximizing protection for their vehicles as well as their belongings through the use of a garage.


When you want to attract families with young children, you cannot go wrong with demanding a neighborhood with schools nearby. House location alone can make a huge difference for certain families as the parents may not want to worry about issues with their kids getting to school.

By figuring out what to prioritize in a single-family home, you can look forward to running a successful rental after buying a place. Talk to a real estate agent to get a look at home listings in your area.