Most Full-Service Real Estate Agencies Offer These Services

Real estate agents list homes for sale and help buyers find homes. But while these two services are the heart of what they do, they are not the only services real estate agents offer. Real estate agencies that advertise themselves as "full-service" real estate agencies, in particular, tend to offer a lot more. Here are some additional services such an agency is likely to offer.

Rental Listings

These days, it has become more common for private landlords to list their rentals online and to deal with potential tenants personally. However, real estate companies tend to take rental listings, too. If you have a home for rent, listing it for rent through a real estate agency is often easier than doing all the leg work yourself. Real estate agencies also work with renters, so they may pair up someone who is shopping for a rental with you, a customer who has a unit to rent. 


Are you wondering how much your home is worth? Having a full-service real estate agency come to appraise the home will give you a better idea of how much it will sell for. Agents are unbiased, unlike representatives from a bank or tax agency who might appraise the home. An appraisal from an agent can help you determine whether it is worth selling your home or making certain improvements. 


When you go to sell a home, first impressions are everything. When someone walks in the door to look at the home, you want them to be impressed. Staging can really help with this. Staging is a process by which you re-furnish and decorate the home to make it look a certain way in order to attract new buyers. There are separate companies that offer staging as a service, but many full-service real estate agencies also offer staging.

Educational Classes

If you are new to the idea of buying or selling real estate, you may want to learn more before diving in. Many full-service real estate companies offer educational classes for clients and potential clients. You may be able to attend a class on mortgages, one on staging, another one on real estate law, and so forth. 

If you have a full-service real estate agency in your area, you might want to take advantage of their services. Give them a call to learn more about what they offer, how those services can benefit you, and how to get started.