4 Tips For Living In An Apartment With Large Dogs

Not everyone is in a place in life to settle down and buy a spacious house. Some people prefer apartment living for flexibility and low upfront investment. Many dog owners worry about bringing a dog into an apartment, especially a larger dog. Here are four tips for living in an apartment with large dogs. 

1. Find a No Restriction Dog Breed Apartment 

Not all apartments offer a warm welcome to dogs. Many apartments restrict dogs to a certain size. Other apartments prohibit certain breeds out of mistaken fear of aggression. 

Some of the most commonly prohibited dog breeds include:

  • Pit Bulls
  • Rottweilers 
  • German Shepherds
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Great Danes 

Anyone who owns one of these dogs can tell you that they only get aggressive when someone encourages the behavior. Properly trained dogs do not present a problem. 

Dog owners with the aforementioned breeds can look for a no restriction dog breed apartment

2. Create a Comfortable Environment for the Dog 

The dog deserves a comfortable place to live. Dog parents in apartments should make an extra effort to make the dog's space feel special since they will need to stick to a smaller space than in a house. 

To create a comfortable environment, provide a cozy bed with blankets, toys, and treats. 

3. Provide the Dog with Daily Exercise

Large dogs generally require a significant amount of exercise. While homeowners can open the back door to let the dog run around in the fenced-in backyard, apartment dog owners will need to take the dog on multiple walks throughout the day. The idea is to give the dog the exercise it needs to stay healthy and to tire the dog out so that it doesn't get antsy in the apartment and destroy things.

4. Keep the Air Clean 

Dog fur releases dander in the air. This dander can activate allergies and create other poor indoor air quality issues. Apartment dog parents should vacuum and dust regularly. They should also create proper ventilation to allow new, clean air inside to replace the pet dander-filled air. Finally, the dog should go to the groomer regularly to remove excess fur before it gets inside the apartment. Dog owners should consider getting an air filter to put in their dog's favorite rooms in the apartment. 

You can make your dog comfortable in an apartment as long as the rental company allows larger dogs in the lease agreement.